About RR–Quarter Horses

RR– Quarter Horses is a business that specializes in training Quarter Horses in a variety of different skills and then selling these amazing horses to people wishing to compete, trail ride, or do any other activity with them.

Our low-key facility is more concerned with quality than quantity, which is a rarity in this business. RR– is not in the turnover business. We are in the finished horse business. Every horse that leaves our facility is comfortable performing a huge number of skills and everyday tasks.

RR– Quarter Horses is in the mountains of Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah. Our huge facility and outdoor area are a big part of what sets us apart from the competition. RR– Quarter Horses has many unique features that make it an incredible business. The history of RR– Quarter Horses, the methods used to train them, and the bloodlines of the horses, all make RR– Quarter Horses the obvious choice for buying a finished horse.

With these impressive aspects of the business, it is easy to see that RR– is a reputable, honest business that makes horses that are well worth their price. Every horse that leaves RR– has had time, money, and expertise invested in it. The more one learns about our company, the more they will see that RR– Quarter Horses is a cut above the rest.

The RR– Difference

In the red rocks of  Bryce Canyon, Utah RR– Quarter Horses’ story began.

In the seventies, Marty Rich began getting involved with the world of horses. He broke colts, trained countless horses, and rodeoed. His family was raised around these horses, giving them the desire to be a part of this unique lifestyle as they grew up.

While he would sell horses on the side to make a living, his true passion was to train horses to reach their full potential, which took a lot of time, effort, and skill. This passion for keeping himself and his family involved in horses eventually led to his son, Rusty, feeling the pull to start taking horses from proven bloodlines and make them into rope horses.

Rusty’s father’s passion has led him to have the desire to make some of the most impressive finished horses that can be bought. His lifelong experience with training and keeping horses contributes to his eye for a great horse and his ability to take an already impressive horse and turn it into a real champion.

In addition to having a life full of hands-on experience, Rusty has learned about horse training, roping, and the ins and outs of horses from many world champions and successful professionals in the equine world. With this knowledge, he has begun making rope horses, taking the time to train and compete with each horse until they are proven winners.

Rusty began making rope horses around three years ago. He believes that this was the right time to get into this business since he has been building a wealth of knowledge over many years. He is always learning new, different methods, tips, and tricks to incorporate into his training. This ever-evolving technique means that each horse will get the best training possible, with a knowledge base that began in the seventies and continues to grow to this day.

A Step Above the Rest

From our rich history to our unique training methods and the great facility that our horses come from, the difference between RR– Quarter Horses and other businesses is clear. We truly believe that every horse we train should be ready for whatever is thrown its way as soon as the new owner takes ownership. The finished horses of RR– Quarter Horses are fantastic ropers, have great temperaments, and will be the pride of whatever stable they end up in.